Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Florida Republican Who Won't Get My Vote

Attorney General (and GOP Goober candidate) Bill McCollum pandering to black voters early:

Attorney General Bill McCollum is suing audience research company Arbitron Inc., claiming it didn't sufficiently include minorities while preparing Miami area radio station ratings.

The lawsuit filed Tuesday seeks to block the company from releasing the Miami radio audience ratings this month, saying the flawed methodology could hurt stations - particularly those with minority audiences - as they compete for advertising dollars.

The suit is similar to lawsuits filed by other states, including New York and Maryland.
Arbitron didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.

Minority radio stations are bent because the PPM records the stations you actually listen to instead of lying about it in the books you fill out. Bill is learning the lesson of Charlie Crist, to pander to the left because ignorant Bible-thumpers like me have nowhere else to go.

We'll see about that. I'm getting sick of this Pferdkaese.

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