Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mehr Hitlerjungend

Dieses sieht wie es wurde getan vor Eltern bei einer PTA Sitzung aus. Youtube ist vom Material so voll.

Verzeihen Sie mir für das Brechen von Godwin' s Law.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

In the Mall Parking Lot

I saw a new Cadillac, black, covered with large ads for a condom company.

My first thought: Pick up my daughter for a date driving that.

Most of you know that I have no children, and I pray for you who do. If I had kids I'd be knee deep in Wild Turkey.

Every day.

Obama & Afghanistan

Many have blogged on this, and Obama is starting to bore me (More Cowbell!), but here's my zwei pfennig.

There is no way Obama can pin this on his predecessor. There are too many quotes from every Dem under the sun proclaiming Afghanistan as the necessary war to defend withdrawl from Iraq. We now know those statements were Pferdkaese.

My guess is that if Obama pulls out Hillary will resign as SecState to run against him again.

I think he will neither pull completely out or go all in, but will try to fight this as politically safe as possible. And there are 50,000 names on a wall in D.C. that will give testimony as to how well that will work out.

Monday, September 21, 2009

All I did was drink beer on three continents...

..but I told the truth about it.

On a sultry day in July 2008, Marine Sgt. David W. Budwah strode in his battle fatigues to the front of a picnic pavilion to tell three dozen young boys what he did during the war.

With his clear gaze, rigid posture and muscled, tattooed arms, Budwah looked every inch the hero he claimed to be. He said he was on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan when a homemade grenade exploded, wounding his face and arm when he dove to shield a buddy from the blast.

He urged the boys, ages 9-12, to take pride in themselves, their country and its warriors.

"We're here to make sure of the freedom you have every day," Budwah told his audience at Camp West Mar, a wooded American Legion compound about 60 miles northwest of Washington.
Spencer Shoemaker, then 10, was so impressed he had his picture taken with Budwah and kept a treasured newspaper clipping about the visit.

"What he said made me feel like I wanted to join the Marines," Spencer said.

But the Marines say Budwah is a liar, a fraud and a thief. They are court-martialing the 34-year-old Springhill, La., native, alleging he was never in Afghanistan, wasn't wounded and didn't earn the combat medals he wore - or the many privileges he enjoyed.

Budwah joined the Marines in October 1999 and spent nearly all of the next six years with a radio communications unit in Okinawa, Japan, according to the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Va., where Budwah has been stationed since February 2006.

Back when I was stationed at Homestead AFB, I thought about wearing a few of my dad's old WWII campaign ribbons for an open ranks inspection, but I guessed correctly that colonels have no sense of humor.

What could I tell thses kids? "I bravely drank Romer Pilsner on Kaiserstrasse in defense of my country."

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Brief Confession

The Sisko has been angry recently. Maybe I need to quit listening to the voices calling me a teabagger, extremist, racist. Even Jew-hatin' Jimmah Carter passed judgement on me and millions that he has never met.

Here is where the long-term damage will come from. I always vote for some Democrats in county and city elections. It seems that the further away from Washington the more sane they are. My county commissioner was a minister and a God-fearing man. The Public Defender does a good job.

(How do you campaign for this? "I got more criminals off than my predecessor?" She ran on cutting waste in her budget and has done that.)

I voted for the old sheriff (a Dem) till he retired and endorsed the Republican, who also got my vote.

That is until today. These folks better thank Jesus that the local elections aren't tomorrow because right now I wouldn't pee on a Democrat politician if one were on fire.

I need to open my Bible and talk to Jesus and let Him talk to me.

Because the Sisko is very angry.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

But how many think their governor is?

Eight percent of New Jersey residents think Obama is the AntiChrist.

After giving a talk about end times prophesy, my pastor was asked if Obama was the "man of lawlessness".

Of course not. The AntiChrist could at least get a health care plan passed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm a proud Rutgers grad today

The guy who made these videos ( here and here) busting ACORN is James O'Keefe, recent RU grad and founder of the conservative student publication The Centurion.

It looks like this Scarlet Knight also freed the census.

The Census Director has sent a letter to the National Headquarters of ACORN notifying the group that the Census Bureau is severing all ties with the community organizing group for all work having to do with the 2010 census.

"Over the last several months, through ongoing communication with our regional offices, it is clear that ACORN's affiliation with the 2010 Census promotion has caused sufficient concern in the general public, has indeed become a distraction from our mission, and may even become a discouragement to public cooperation, negatively impacting 2010 Census efforts," read a letter from Census Director Robert M. Groves to the president of ACORN.

"Unfortunately, we no longer have confidence that our national partnership agreement is being effectively managed through your many local offices. For the reasons stated, we therefore have decided to terminate the partnership," the letter said.

The news follows the firing Friday of two more ACORN employees after new hidden-camera footage showed workers for the group advising a couple posing as a pimp and prostitute how to subvert the law.

Can I get an RU RAH-RAH?

Eight years on

This morning broke nothing like the brilliant clear Tuesday of September 11, 2001. It's windy, with drenching rain and a damp chill in the New Jersey air.

A large part of me loves weather like this, especially if I can be out in it for a while. I'm not talking about driving (and I've got a fun little story about that. Maybe later), I'm talking about bundling up and going for a walk and feeling the water and wind, hearing rain pattering off the brim of my hat, and watching the trees toss and sway. Love it. (The poor dog, not so much, and for her sake I got out and back in as quickly as I could, once her business was done.)

It was a good way to start the day. I may go back out at lunchtime and take a proper walk. I'll be thinking of the fallen, however. I'll be thinking of the promise their day held as they woke to flawless blue skies and perfect temperatures, and got ready for their jobs, and planned their schedule. I'll think of everything they looked forward to when they got home, and for the rest of the week, and for the weeks and months following, left incomplete; the book on their lives abruptly shut, the pages unwritten.

I like to think that on a day like that, I would have taken advantage and gone for that walk. I never did, of course, but even without the attacks and the horror of it, I don't know that I would have. Heaven knows, plenty of splendid days have followed, and most of them, if I'm out at lunchtime it's to run an errand or grab a meal, having forgotten mine at home. I no longer live close enough to walk to work, either.

Today, I'm mindful of it.

Mr. Bingley reposted his tribute for his friends Sylvia and John; Sheila has done the same for Michael Pascuma. I hope that you will take the time to remember them, as well as Angela Houtz, whom I did not know but was privileged to memorialize for the 2996 Project. (And I see that I wrote "triubte" in the title. Brilliant, Shakespeare. Fixed now.) If you have the inclination, please consider a contribution to the memorial scholarship given each year in Angela's honor.

And in another, quieter tribute, please take the time to go through this list at the Judge Report. Robert N Going is posting information on the World War II dead from his hometown of Amsterdam, NY. They fell defending freedom. It needs our defense now. Even if all we can do is exercise it by speaking up about things - or about nothing in particular - then we should do that.

Our minds and our lives are yet our own, and today is perfect weather for showing so.

(the following is reposted from September 10, 2006)

On September 7, 2001, Angela Houtz joined her family in Ocean City, MD, to make holiday.

She had turned 27 the previous day, but work had prevented her from arriving sooner. Angela worked as a senior analyst for the Office of Naval Intelligence. On her birthday she had still been aboard the USS DeWert; the next day she made her way back north from Florida and arrived in time for the celebration.

Her uncle, Sheriff Frederick Davis, was taking office as President of the Maryland Sheriff's Association that weekend, so there was a lot to celebrate. The family spent the weekend; at her birthday, Angela, as was traditional, wore the family Birthday Hat while she opened her gifts.

Come Monday, she was back at work at the Pentagon. Intelligent and dedicated, in nine short years she had progressed from salutatorian of Maurice McDonough High School, to an English degree from the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, to her civilian work in the Navy. Like thousands of others on the morning of Tuesday, September 11th, she was at work when the word came through: first one, and then the other of the towers of the World Trade Center had been struck with airliners.

At the Pentagon, everything changed. Angela joined a meeting in the C-ring with several officials, other analysts, and military officers. They were still there when American Airlines flight 77 skimmed across the lawn and into their wing of the building. She joined many others - financiers, insurers, staff, the cooks and busboys of Windows on the World, the airline crews, firefighters and police and military - suddenly killed while simply about their business; but her business consisted of understanding the nature of the attack and helping to organize a response. Angela Houtz was among the very first to fall in defense of the United States in the current conflict.

She received full honors: a military funeral, the Distinguished Civilian Award of Merit, and a letter of condolence from President Bush; more importantly, an outpouring of the great respect and love from everyone who had known her. In an article for VOA News, Commander David Radi spoke about this respect:

“It’s a bond that approaches a brother or sister and although Angie was a civilian, she was a shipmate to us. I was proud to call her that. The way she shined. I put her eventually in a position where we had never had a civilian. It was because the trust I had in her; but more importantly, the more senior people in the Navy had in her. She would stand a watch in the off hours in particular. She would be the eyes and ears of the Navy in our command center. And there could be no better forerunner for that in the civilian world of Naval Intelligence than Angela Houtz.”
The service took six hours. If that had been all that there was to the affair, it would certainly be enough, but her father, Robert Houtz, speaking to the Boothbay Register, told of more: "Angie had had two full-time jobs, one for humanity and one for her country."

Many remember her now for her life for the country, but those who love her remember her other life: an active young woman, working with her own church and the Salvation Army for homeless relief; a lover of puns, a tutor of children; a joy to her family and friends. She was equally at home taking classes in dance or organizing food drives. And her finest tribute comes directly from Mrs. Julie Shontere, her mother:

“Most important in her life, above all else, was her faith in God. ... She gave so much to us all. She continues to teach me through her journals and spirit. ... I feel blessed beyond words to have had the honor to be her mom.”
Cmdr. Radi made a point to mention her faith in connection with the position of trust she had earned among the Naval staff; even people who had barely known her were dearly touched by Angela. Amy Moffitt of Washington DC met Angela only twice, and said: “She lived really vividly in everything. She was very present, she was very alive. ... There was not a person she met who didn’t go, ‘Wow,’ that was awakened by her presence, because she was so awake, so alive, so there.” All of the quotes about Angela in the sources below reveal the same compassion and the same vitality.

It is just and right to remember and to memorialize the loss that so many shared that day; but it is incomplete unless we can also celebrate the lives that were left behind. Angela Houtz gave joy and dedication that long outlive the events of one September afternoon. Her service to country did not end at the doors of the Pentagon. It is an honor to be recogized at your funeral by a president for your work; it is also honor to be recognized on a concert line by a passing homeless man for your generosity and mercy. Many hunger after the one sort of honor, but the other can only be given to those who pour themselves out in service, who give cheerfully of whatever they have, be it time, money, toil, or just a smile for a sad friend.

In celebrating Angela's life, we celebrate a woman who knew that joy only grows when you give it away. The lasting image to recall is of her happy family, laughing and snapping pictures of Angela in the Birthday Hat, unwrapping gifts - it is of they that she would be thinking of, and it is altogether fitting to respect her wishes and think of them as well. Today is but the anniversary of one moment; the full life of Angela Houtz endures beyond it, and defeats it. That life is real and lasting, and it abides through the many people she loved to the full.

My deepest thanks to Mrs. Julie Shontere, who was kind enough to provide much of the above information first-hand; and also to the following sources:

The Chicago Tribune, for this remembrance
The UMBC Alumni Newsletter, Summer 2002, for this profile
The Boothbay Register, October 4, 2001, for this article by Duey Graham
The VOA News, October 22, 2001, for this article by Betty van Etten
The Maryland State Archives
The Defend America Network
The September 11 Victim's Memorial

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Col. Clarke Gable....

....sent me an email. Here it is:

My name is Col. Clarke Gable of the 27th Infantry Brigade, 10th Mountain United States Army in Feluga, Iraq. I'm contacting you on behalf of my team here in Iraq peacekeeping service. We honestly need your assistance to move Allocation {Funds} into your custody for safekeeping pending our final dismissal any time this year...

However, I wish to remind you that I’m a soldier and I have no time to come over the internet for a child play, so please if you are not able to handle this transaction with utmost confidentiality please Do Not Reply.

If somehow you are interested in this proposal, kindly leave a message with your most confidential telephone numbers and I will get back to you with details.

Yours Respectfully,
Col. Clarke Gable
27th Infantry Brigade
10th Mountain
United States Army
Feluga, Iraq.
Email: col.clarkegable AT terra DOT com

Where to start? Col Clarke Gable? Do you think he serves under General Homer Simpson? Does this read like it was written by someone whose native tongue is English? Does "come over the Internet for a child play" sound like it comes from an Army officer? And what GI calls his DROS a "dismissal"? How about discharge or rotation back to the States? And I would hope an Army officer dodging bullets in Fallujah would know how to spell it.

I guess the "widow of the former Nigerian finance minister" scam was losing steam.

[slight edit - I took out the HTML code so the "email" link wasn't clickable. Part of me enjoys the thought of a spambot picking up a scammer's email and sending the same scam back at him; the larger part of me doesn't want anyone clicking through, even by mistake, and possibly getting a nasty virus or trojan horse. -nf]

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I don't see you guys rating the kind of mate I'm contemplating

One night in Bangkok Calcutta makes the hard guys humble.

A leading French chess player turned up drunk and dozed off after just 11 moves in an international tournament in Kolkata, losing the round on technical grounds, domestic media reported Friday.
"Technical grounds" means that he fell asleep at the table and his clock ran out. He later protested because his opponent had fourteen giant pink rooks that floated off the chessboard and circled the room in defiance of the rules of chess.

John Daly was unavailable for comment.

Don't tell Sheila

Much to her chagrin, Hollywood may actually do this someday. The blood across the journal is strangely, shockingly apt - and very wrong.

(Sheila's original post on the book, btw, for reference.)

Monday, September 07, 2009

The Rays

Update: Carlos Pena hit by pitch vs NYY today, out for the season. Garza goes toe-to-toe with Sabathia, Garza leaves the game tied 1-all, Rays bullpen gives it up easier than Paris Hilton AGAIN and Rays lose 4-1.

The Rays are fading late in the season. They are 7 games behind the Bosox in the AL Wild card race. Unless the Sox and the Rangers get the swine flu the Rays will be home for the playoffs.

Carlos Pena has 39 homers and 41 singles as of Monday morning. The only two players to hit over 30 homers with more homers than singles in a season are Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire.

Anything else these two have in common?

Pena was non-roster invitee to the Rays camp in 2007. He has hit 116 homers in a little less than 3 seasons. In the six seasons before that he hit 86 homers. To be fair, some potential singles have been taken away by the three infielders most teams put on the right side for Pena.

Pena is also from the Dominican, where A-Rod got his stuff.

Nowadays you just don't know.

Quick Van Jones post

Much has been said, and if your are on the web you know it already.

Van Jones was exposed by the alternate media. Partly to protect their boy in the White House, and partly to deny Glenn Beck the pleasure, this story was ignored by the traditional media until he resigned. Sunday night, a schoolteacher friend of mine who gets her news solely from traditional outlets had never heard of Van Jones. I also told her of the Dear Leader speech to the kiddies the day before her school district told her. (Teachers have the option to show or not to show.)

Now will come the revenge of the media. GOP politicians and conservative media guys better be sure that they and their staffs are pure as the wind-driven snow. Any birthism or other kookery in the camp will be exposed.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

More Beer and Politicians

Philadelphia Liquors is on Philadelphia Ave, the main drag in Egg Harbor City. Back when Carter was president I had once purchased adult beverages from there. But I never stole any.

Charges were dropped Wednesday against Galloway Township Councilman Bill Ackerman for supposedly stealing a large number beer cans from a local liquor store through two or three daily trips during a five-month period.


On each trip, he would pay for a can or two and, surveillance cameras later revealed, pocket at least one more before driving about 2 miles home to his house. That sometimes happened two or three times in a day, she said.

This guy is a Republican, but he didn't blame Dems for his troubles. It sounds like he is trying to own it.

Budweiser is $2.39 a can in NJ? In my hood in Tampa you can get a quart of Old English 800 (It's got your number!) for $1.39. No wonder all the street winos are down here.

B-double E double R U-N Beer Run

all we need is a ten and five-er,
a car and key and a sober driver.
-Garth Brooks

This is rich.

A Westport lawmaker who voted to hike the state sales and alcohol taxes was spotted brazenly piling booze in his car - adorned with his State House license plate - in the parking lot of a tax-free New Hampshire liquor store, the Herald has learned.

Michael J. Rodrigues’ blue Ford Crown Victoria, emblazoned with his “House 29” Massachusetts license plate, was parked outside a Granite State liquor store on Interstate-95 South over the weekend, according to a witness who provided pictures to the Herald.

The witness, who requested anonymity, claimed he approached Rodrigues, noted his State House plate, and asked if he was on personal or official business. Rodrigues, who was loading booze into his car, snapped “mind your own business,” the witness said.

So a politician who voted to raise taxes on booze in Mass is busted getting it tax free in NH. And check out his defense:

But in an online interview with The Standard-Times in New Bedford, he acknowledged buying the booze during a bathroom stop while he and his wife were on a weekend getaway in New Hampshire.

He also blamed the brouhaha on “Republican demagoguery.”

“Unfortunately, I think that’s why the Republican Party is in such bad shape in Massachusetts,” Rodrigues is quoted as saying. “The electorate here is smart enough to figure out what they’re up to.”

The GOP in Mass has the power to make Dems drink tax-free beer? Mitt Romney must be da man! And as a Mormon I don't think he is a beer drinker, tax-free of not.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's what we always suspected

Yes, we have another confirmation: Pat Buchanan is a complete jackass.

It's not nice to say stuff like that about people, I know, but really, I can think of worse things to say. An excerpt follows, if you've got the stomach:

The German-Polish war had come out of a quarrel over a town the size of Ocean City, Md., in summer. Danzig, 95 percent German, had been severed from Germany at Versailles in violation of Woodrow Wilson's principle of self-determination. Even British leaders thought Danzig should be returned.
Why did Warsaw not negotiate with Berlin, which was hinting at an offer of compensatory territory in Slovakia? ... why would Britain hand an unsolicited war guarantee to a junta of Polish colonels, giving them the power to drag Britain into a second war with the most powerful nation in Europe? Was Danzig worth a war? ...
Comes the response: The war guarantee was not about Danzig, or even about Poland. It was about the moral and strategic imperative "to stop Hitler" after he showed, by tearing up the Munich pact and Czechoslovakia with it, that he was out to conquer the world. And this Nazi beast could not be allowed to do that.
If true, a fair point. ... But where is the evidence that Adolf Hitler, whose victims as of March 1939 were a fraction of Gen. Pinochet's, or Fidel Castro's, was out to conquer the world?

The evidence is here: in the cost it took to turn him back. Mind you, this is one single, small town in upstate New York, and they lost 170 sons to the cause of saving the world from the tyrants of the Reich.

Sometimes I think that the Eastern religions have a point when they talk about the endless turning wheel, the theme of eternal recurrence. This song and dance has been heard before, and will be heard again - maybe Nefarious XYZ wasn't such a bad evil dictator/mass murderer/cult leader after all. It's in the upbringing... in the treatment they received from others... the people who oppose them are the ones really to blame.

Well, that's absolute bollocks. Granted that cruddy circumstances hurt a person and affect the things they choose to do - but they still have to choose. If they choose badly, well, even if they're not purely culpable, they can't be permitted to do it, nor can others be held guilty for responding.

Why does nobody credit an evildoer for his stated goals? When Middle Eastern despots lead hundreds of thousands in chanting "Death to America," dimwits waste time wondering exactly how much of our death will appease them, and set about trying to set that number to something "reasonable." So, is it just handicapped tourists? The occasional destroyed airliner? A Marine barracks? Two office buildings and a military complex? Tell me, Pat. Explain it to us simple folk.

How many speeches did Hitler have to make before invading Poland? How many camps did he have to open? Is Kristallnacht an aberration in your caboose-based little brain? (I suppose the Joooooos were askin' for it, the naughty minxes.)

These people have faces. They have stories. To imply in any manner that it was their own fault they got murdered - to then suggest that those who defend the rest of us are the real cause of it all - is infamous and despicable. It is, in no uncertain terms, exactly what their murderers say. Could you look their families and friends in the eye and say it in person, Mr. Buchanan? You, Sir, are a son of a bitch.