Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Okay, Van Owen

I felt uncomfortable using four dead police officers to slam Huckabee. Which is why I haven't blogged it. Also, Huckabee's was the first stumble in a long line of stumbles that kept the killer on the streets.

But there is some comfort now that no more tax dollars will be used to feed and house the savage who committed these crimes.

Michelle Malkin (who happens to be from my home town of Absecon, NJ) has a roundup.

What she shows is a guy who was very generous with commutations, especially if one could push the buttons of his Christian compassion.

Maybe, as a pastor, Huckabee displayed a trait which is commendable in clergy but a problem for a governor (or president). Romans 13 says the king does not bear the sword for nothing; his duty is to punish the wicked. Perhaps Pastor Mike doesn't have it in him to fulfill that duty.

One more thought. According to Michelle, Huckabee has granted clemency to 703 convicts, including a dozen murderers. Clemmons and Wayne Dumond we know about, but how many more are out there?

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