Saturday, April 10, 2010

Now they tell us take it back

Sorry, Spider... the narrative must endure.
In a sex abuse scandal that some victims compare to what happened in the Catholic Church, at least 36 swimming coaches have been banned for life by the USA Swimming organization over the last 10 years because of sexual misconduct with teenagers they coached.
Yup... that's the lead.  The comparison is not incorrect, and that's the horror and shame of it - but the lead?  "Hey, thousands of young girls are being exploited by scumbag swim coaches, let's have a go at the Church!"

And you know who else is to blame?
A San Jose swimming coach, Andy King, 62, was sentenced to 40 years in prison last year after authorities discovered a pattern of sexual abuse that stretched over three decades up and down the West Coast and involved more than a dozen teen female victims.
King's lawyer, Jamie Harley, said some of the responsibility belongs to the swimmers' parents whose ambition for their children blinded them to the problem.
You know, the parents whose questions kept forcing this hideous man to flee from town to town despite his skill at actually coaching.

You know who's not to blame?  USA Swimming.
In 2008, USA Swimming gave King a clean bill of health, saying his background screening had been approved.

According to USA Swimming, the organization only checks for criminal convictions and does not include background interviews or investigations with local police.
"We want to have the gold standard and I think we do an awesome job," said USA Swimming executive director Chuck Wielgus. "I don't think we're perfect.
Hmmmm.  So instead of calling this guy out, they call out the Church, even though her scandals are decades old and this has just happened.  And that "victims say" lead?  There is not a single quote anywhere in this article from a victim talking about the Catholic Church... not a one.  So, was that a victim's quote, or something the author decided needed to be said?

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