Thursday, August 26, 2010

Enough of this

Well... out with it.

This blog has been very rewarding.  It would have to be to keep at it for almost six years.  This is post number 1650, of which I've done maybe a level thousand, and there's a number of those that I can be proud of.  I think that over the next few weeks I will be searching through and finding the best of those to save... but sadly, I think that's all I've got right now.

Those few of you who dig my hockey stuff can find it at Lighthouse Hockey, an Islanders message board/group blog/clearinghouse of all things puck.  I post there as "mikb" since my blog name was taken when I signed up.

The rest?

I'm sorry.  I'm fried.  I look at this thing, and I fiddle-faddle with the template, and I save links to write posts about, or jot down thoughts, and it never goes anywhere.  It doesn't seem worth the bother anymore.  I have no jump left.

It's a pity.  According to a recent spate of spam comments, my blog is (at turns) captivating, wondrous, remarkable, powerful, striking, irresistable (my blog meter begs to differ), super, great, fine, excellent, exciting, inquisitive, unusual, awesome, charming (??), incredible, energizing (!!), prodigious, astonishing, unique (like the million other blogs the spambots sent the comment too), cool, fascinating, suitable (even the spammers damn with faint praise!), hot, and hype.  The main thing this blog is, though, is "fruitful" - with five faux commenters using that term, beating out "hot" and "fine" who had four each.

It was amusing to watch a thesaurus explode all over my comments section, but not worth the trouble to erase fifty-plus links to fake refinancing companies.  (Although with times the way they are, maybe that's the only way they can afford to advertise now.)

Y'all will see me here and there.  I like visiting everyone and commenting and such.  Probably sooner or later I'll be back writing my own stuff, too.  I hope noboby will mind if I send around an email when that happens.  And you have my email: nightflymail -AT- gmail -DOT- com.  Don't be a stranger.


Kate P said...

Well, I'll miss you at The Hive. We had good times at the water cooler. You are always welcome over at my place!

And, hey, if we both ever get some real writing done, maybe we can do a swap-critique. :)

Anonymous said...

Do what you gotta do, bud. We don't get paid for this stuff, so if it isn't fun, why bother? When you're ready again, the audience will appear -- kind of like Fripp's line that "When there is music only King Crimson can play, a version of King Crimson will appear in order to play it."

Enjoy your hiatus.

Mr. Bingley said...


yet another honored, beloved veteran hangs up the spikes.


tracey said...

NF -- I'm sorry I'm so late to this. The last month has been the lost month. I understand you feeling the way you feel. I hope you can get away, regroup, and come back feeling all fresh and new. And I'd BETTER be seeing you around! You're one of the goodest guys ever, NF.