Monday, October 17, 2005

Carnival of Comments

"So, 'Fly, you've not blogged recently on weekends. Why, pray tell?"

Simple. I decided to stop bathing in the cool glow of my utterly sweet flat-panel computer screen and get out into the real world more often. It's schway, friends. Even in the rain, there's a lot to do and see. Went to Ocean City on Columbus Day, for example, and happily browsed the town's many shops and stores, and got an unexpected treat - a seafood-fest on Music Pier, featuring Spadafora's crack staff cooking in the open air. Lunch was muy yummy. (Dinner too, by
Mack and Manco's.)

As a result I've confined a lot of my online fun in a few select places, replying rather than generating new content. These are some of the Fly's more recent cyber-stops:

Half a Pica - Cullen has traveled my path in reverse, commenting hither and yon before finally deciding to hang his own shingle. Stop in and wish him well, but mind your jargon...

WunderKraut - while in the South, muse about baseball and the environment (and everything in between).

The Lost Budgie - not sure how I haven't crossed by this before, he's been up since June. Here's one well worth reading; may he and his kind increase and prosper in the Northland.

The Judge Report - Robert Going has been busy on the posts, with this one touching a topic near to my heart (and ears): the dearth of strong Catholic hymns.

The Coalition of the Swilling - often my first stop online, for fun news items (WARNING - Blinding Flash of the Obvious, please use eye protection), fun food items, and just plain fun. (Did I mention the variety of food items?)

This Life - that plain fun item just mentioned led me here. The graphic reminds me of the MST3K episode with "Catalina Caper" - Nice measurements! 36-2-85? - but the posts are solid. Dig this one.

And, finally, a quiz! A couple of others have taken this, and so have I, and guess what?

My angles are many, my sides are not few
I'm the Dodecahedron, who are you?

In other words -

I am a d12

And that's a lovely shade of orange. Thank you!

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