Monday, March 20, 2006

A blast from my past

Usually my first online stop is the Coalition of the Swilling. (Surprise, surprise, right?)

Well, today's first stop reminded me of my own first stop - way back on September 30, 2004. Compare and contrast:

THS, 3/20/06: "Doesn't It Just Suck... to have to deal with people you so thoroughly despise?"

NF, 9/30/04: "Tonight's debate is the first in a three-game series, and Kerry's counting on his Yale-honed debating skills to make up a few points in the standings. My personal experience in school was that the 'champion debaters' were the ones who best aped the favored opinions of their instructors. Trying that approach may surprise him here; appealing to those whom he naturally disdains (AKA us) is difficult for him."

The DNC seems to be living out the old joke: "Sincerity is everything. Learn to fake that and you've got it made."

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