Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Chicago Zoo

Chicago Cubs fans are familiar, of course, with the legend of the Billy Goat... in 1945 Bill Sianis bought a World's Series ticket for both he AND his pet goat, and the two came to Wrigley together for Game Four. They were ejected together as well, and Sianis "cursed" the team, which has never reached the World's Series since then.

Jump to 1969, when a black cat rushed onto the field at Shea Stadium and circled Cubs star Ron Santo before exiting. (Originally I thought it was Fergie Jenkins, not being alive enough yet to see it firsthand. Apologies.) The Windy City has seen its share of critters on the field of play.

Nothing, however, quite beats what happened a couple of nights ago to the aptly-named Blackhawks. That is, indeed, a pigeon standing at center ice while the 'Hawks and Nashville are playing.

Maybe Chicago can get Randy Johnson to drop the ceremonial first puck at their next home, to take care of the problem for good.

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