Thursday, July 27, 2006

Don't change that channel!

I will be away on vacation until Sunday evening.

First off, I can unequivocably deny the pernicious rumors of a visit to the Betty Ford Blog Detox Clinic. This is merely a little mental R&R down the Jersey Shore. It may even involve gambling - manly, state-sanctioned gambling! - if I have time between hours of boardwalking, pizza-eating, and sloshing through the Atlantic.

It will not, however, involve blogging, for I own no laptop. Therefore, as a service to you, I've decided to give some linky goodness, featuring some of the Pantheon of Links (famed in song and story).* This will give you something new to read each visit while I'm away.**

We start here, at Chris' Invincible Super Blog. What makes it so invincibly super? It's right in the banner - Frank Castle, the Punisher, punching a polar bear in the head.*** But he doesn't just do comics - dig his review of the "movie" Kill and Kill Again. Or his review of the "book" Justice Riders. Really, the theme here isn't reviews, but reviews of metric tons of whup-ass, and the cornier the better.

The Swilling are firing on all cylinders. Ms. Sister has mastered the art of brief overviews of sports news. And they also cover archaeology, business news, and current affairs.

Still Stacy after all these years... After a break, the Coloradan is back, giving awards. However, if you want to chat, you'd best say something soon. Brian of Memento Moron also took a short rest, only to return busier than ever.

Rantedness abounds at It Comes in Pints - regarding vapid celebrity and timewasters, not to mention a certain film auteur whose name rhymes with Chaka Khan.****

Best just to go to your happy place! Sheila writes at length on whatever crosses her mind: try a classic family movie to start.

Finally, our friend Cullen, fresh from rocking and ruling Metal Week, channels his inner warrior and discusses selling out (among other things - comments not quite safe for work).

Enjoy your reading and your weekend! I'll see you next week.

* note - these are only songs and stories from my own head, but that makes my sidebar famous in my brain. So there.

** translation - I'm a traffic whore and I don't want to lose visits.

*** What makes the panel work is the expression on the bear's face. He doesn't look ferocious or hurt; he just seems sad: minding his own business when a crazy vigilante in black tights walks up and socks him in the jaw. What a disappointing day, he seems to think.

**** I will milk this joke until it's older than a Catskills one-liner.

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