Saturday, August 08, 2009

This is creative

Some Dem congresscritters are looking for ways to avoid their own voters this August break. Some load up their town halls with union goons, but that can lead to some bad video. Some will only meet one on one with voters. Some will do telephone town halls. One guy had his at a children's hospital.

But Congresscritter Sanchez tops them all. Disguise your town hall as a prayer vigil. Notice this gutless coward taking only written questions.

These people would have no problems from dissenters if they showed up with a draft of the House bill in their hands, and instead of droning on with lib Pferdkaese, start right out with, "Where is your concern? Show me what page it's on?" None of them can do that. And we all know why.

The video edited out the prayer. As with all interfaith meetings, I wonder to which local goat diety these people bow the knee.

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