Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Good morning!

And it certainly is. Nobody's calling Ohio, yet. Maybe I'm naive - it's one thing for the candidates (however foolishly) choosing to wait until the bitter end; it's another for all the major media outlets to sit on their hands about it. (What liberal bias?)

Ohio is +136,000 votes for W. I've heard conflicting counts of the provisionals there, as high as a quarter million. Best-case, Kerry needs 77% of that 250,000 to force a tie - a margin he did not attain in any single county of Ohio, including its largest, Cuyahoga (from whence came Cleveland). Bush is closer in Pennsylvania, which is larger, but nobody has a problem calling that for Kerry (rightly enough).

I'm going to work. I fully expect to hear from the strongly-Kerry contingent. I'm tempted to put out a huge pile of red, white, and blue M&Ms, and tell everyone to eat them upside-down.

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