Monday, November 15, 2004

Well, I was outvoted

Movie night has come and gone - and no Incredibles.

I had two options - accept and move on, or therapy, as some of the recently-outvoted have sought out. (Kudos to The Barking Spider for the link.)

The movie only cost nine bucks, so I went ahead and saw The Polar Express with the crew, and had a fine time. It's a charmer. I'm sure the book didn't have so much derring-do, but it didn't seem overly padded to me, and the voice acting was great (save one character - but don't let that stop you).

Those among us who have chosen option two should know that the poor man who killed himself at Ground Zero turns out not to have done it over politics, after all. (Michelle Malkin first posted this link - go read her site, often.) Don't let it get to you! Politics is means, not ends, and we should never let such a thing so totally consume and disrupt our peace of mind.

That's why I didn't post a "Free the Frogman" counter or some such. And behold, shortly after the election, he re-emerged. (Full Disclosure - he's higher proof than you get around here, so click responsibly.) Neither will I post a "We Miss Mark" counter while he's away, mostly as he has such small chance of seeing it here. But I do pray that he and his family are well and happy, and that he's soon free to renew his truly prodigious supply of great work.

UPDATE - I had a wonky link to the Dissident Frogman, spotted by a sharp-eyed visitor to the Hive. Your clicks shall now succeed!

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Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on your description of the movie The Polar Express.... I found it not only charming, but adventurous, funny, exciting and hopeful. There were times during the movie that my inner child just leapt out of me and exclaimed (quietly, I hope) a few times. I was so engaged by the movie, that it transported me into its world. I believe that many people may have felt the same way, because towards the end of the movie, an adult could not contain his feelings and exclaimed, stating something painfully obvious. I would suggest to take your loved ones to see the movie, then top it off with holiday shopping or a hot Christmas beverage. Do not wait for the video, this movie will definitely put you in a holiday mood.

As for the therapy seeking Kerry supporters subject; The fact that they do not want to vote is refreshing. I think if there is any action to be taken, it is to encourage them to not vote in the next elections, since they just realized that they are disillusioned by their own voting capabilities. Kudos to the people who understand that yes, there are things that they cannot control, and thank God for that.

I hope I am not being too harsh. I could, you know.
The Mermaid