Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Crappy New Jersey™, Travel Edition

I'm pleased to report that Mom, Bro, and Sis (in no particular order) are doing pretty well. And as is usually the case, no news is good news - but is perilously short to tell. One particular highlight was the chance to visit with the one and only Barking Spider, a fellow Blogspotter and a good friend going back to college.

The trip down was long and uneventful, save a peculiar maneuver I witnessed, up close, only an hour from my destination. I got cut off up front, and tried to slow down, only to be cut off from behind as well. There was no place to go. After about a quarter mile I snuck out from in between the two geniuses, and they both passed. It was then that I noticed that they were both fellow New Jerseyans.

I had to travel 1100 miles to be nearly rammed by next-door neighbors.

Maybe it's me. Maybe I should just move to where the weather suits my clothes. I stopped for gas and found nothing but good people who smiled and appreciated my business; I stopped for food and found people noticing my Joisey brogue and asking where I was bound, how I was doing, "hope to see you on the way back, now."

I'll be glad to see my friends again at the end of the return trip, and I'll miss my family, but I do not miss the Jersey attitude, and I won't be glad to see it again.

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Madzi said...

"Joisey Attitude?"
Is that the one that the Sears guy who just repaired my washing machine ("Seems it won't agitate or spin...I think it's a broken belt." "M'am, we stopped putting belts in machines back in 1985. It's probably the coupler." "Oh. I guess I dated myself, huh?")has? He called to say he had cancellations and could be here at 11:30am instead of the 1pm to 5pm window Sears gave me.
He was pleasant, offered to retrieve antiquities that had found their way behind the machine, and patiently waited while I, red-face, vacuumed the accumulated debris of about 12 years. Then he took 20 bucks off the labor charge, as he'd fixed it in less than 15 minutes. He congratulated me on taking such good care of the machine all these years and assured me that it would keep working for quite some time yet because of my good caretaking and maintenance.
THAT Jersey attitude?
Remind me to tell you about my visit to Alabama someday, which includes my boyfriend's brush with death ("You a girl under all thet hayuh, boah?") and my encounter with with 3 salesgirls and cashiers in a row who wouldn't wait on me when they heard my Yankee accent...