Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Return of the Buzz

Sorry, folks. Spent Thanksgiving at relatives, and came home with a weird sequential illness. Instead of getting everything at once, I got one symptom at a time for a week. I wasn't quite sick enough to miss more than one day of work, but had little energy left over. Much of that went into comments at other blogs rather than here. For example, the prodigious Tim Blair got a good bit of my attention.

I do have a segue. He posted a "thread on nothing," similar to my own little hiatus, save two features: first, it only lasted a day or two; second, the thread generated over 140 comments. The difference between the bigs and the sticks, cyberspacially.

But I also think that it's just a bit too involved to regularly comment around here unless you're a fellow Blogspotter. You have to register, unless you wish to post anonymously, and the registration thing is a deal-breaker for many, not least of all because many sites sneak cookies into your PC. In fact, even I was finding it a lot easier to stick very small snippets there (or at the Dacha) than here in the Hive.

Then again, it helps to have original content, and on that count I was lax and feeble. I may as well warn you now, I'm out of state for Christmas - my first Yule with my immediate family in about ten years. This doesn't mean "no posts," just not three or four a week as I'd been doing while healthy.

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