Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It was even more football

Last night the Titans' Billy Volek joined the unenviable 400/3/L club: 29-43, 426 yards, 4 TDs (with no interceptions) - and a big loss. He's the fifth member this season. I don't see this happen this often playing Madden.

On the drive that ended with the winning score for Kansas City, the Titans' rookie lineman, Travis LeBoy, was whistled for a phantom personal foul on Chiefs QB Trent Green - he was getting ready to steamroll Green during the follow-through, but obviously pulled up, hands up in the air. The bump was minimal, and he avoided Green's helmet. Too bad. (Not that Tennessee has much to complain about, seeing as how they allowed 35 points up to that point, and would surrender 14 more in the final 40 seconds of the game.)

It occurs to me that they give quarterbacks helmets and pads for a reason. I'm not saying he should have been ploughed under, but he wouldn't have been given two free throws in an NBA game for that sort of contact - why give him fifteen free yards?

A small aside - yeah, I'm sick of writing about football for a little while. I'd rather write about the Lord's Own Hockey, but that news gets more depressing each day. (Tonight, America's Team will miss their 29th game of the season, at Toronto.)

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