Wednesday, January 26, 2005

As promised in this space...

...a letdown!

No, that's not fair, but it's partly true. I promised pictures from my trip to Florida; I haven't got them yet, though they are soon to be developed. Instead, I updated my profile, because it was dumb and scant.

I also eliminated my birthdate from the profile, because Blogger turned it into my astrological sign, which is pointless flotsam as far as I'm concerned - and since it's my profile, it's my concern.

If you don't want to click ahead, here are the highlights - I live in New Jersey. I like it here. We have a good variety of things to see, many within easy reach: the Shore, Great Adventure, Ocean Grove, nature walks, sports teams, microbreweries...

And, naturally, many of my friends are here. I've known some for half of my life. It's not something for me to lightly set aside; I don't exaggerate when I tell you that without them I may not be alive now. Having no wife or children of my own, and no relatives within 50 miles, makes them all the more important.

Then there's lesser items such as my dek hockey league. (We're the Mother Puckers, Monday nights - but don't look now, we lost badly this week.)

All this will have to tide you over until the pics develop; and then, further, until I figure out how to put pictures in the body of one of these posts.

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