Friday, January 21, 2005

I knew it was a tease

The NHL has probably screwed the pooch as far as this season goes. America's Team is supposed to be visiting Calgary, the defending Western Conference champions, at 9 pm EST. They aren't. They can't even play the game from the comfort of my bedroom, since my copy of NHL 2004 has a corrupted file and must be reinstalled.

I'm not the only sufferer. ESPN's NHL page has a timer counting the duration of the lockout. The NHL's own site has a faux-tournament to determine the best team of all-time. Sports Illustrated, the Statler and Waldorf of the group, doesn't even have an NHL tab on their home page anymore. (To their credit, one of their writers blames the '94 Rangers for the whole sorry mess - sort of a plague-of-frogs-and-boils moment on many levels. I mean, that was the best logo the Canucks would ever have.)

And now, the league has been showered with abuse from beyond the grave.

If anyone prefers, you can come out to see the Nightfly and his own team play on Mondays, for free. Sure, it's only cheesy four-on-four deck hockey - but have we got anything else? Cheer on your Mother Puckers!

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