Monday, January 31, 2005

Governor John Corzine, call your office

Richard Codey, currently acting governor of New Jersey, decided not to stand for election in his own right. I suspect it will take about 5.3 seconds for Craig Carton to take the credit for this.

(Duking it out with a talk show host? $100. Watching Senator Corzine claim the endorsement of several important state Democrats? $10,000. Knowing that he couldn't raise nearly enough money to campaign against the self-made Senator? Priceless.)

On the Republican side, Doug Forrester and Bret Schundler are going to duke it out for the right to get spanked by Corzine. The loser of the nomination, however, has the possibility of an interesting consolation prize: Corzine's US Senate seat. It would be rather interesting for the Democrats to hold a governorship only to lose ground in Congress - in a blue state, no less. And Forrester, you may remember, was likely to win the disgraced Robert Toricelli's seat in '02 before the Jersey Supremes let Frank Lautenberg replace him after the ballot deadline had passed.

Ya gotta love Crappy New Jersey™.

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