Friday, February 04, 2005

Time/Brain-Waster, Part II

Today, Sports Guy and I take on Super Bowls 21-38. Charge!

21. Giants 39, Broncos 20. Phil Simms goes 22-25. I'm a huge Blue fan; if I don't get this, I should be lit on fire. (Yes, that phrase is an homage to the SG.)
22. Redskins 45, Broncos 10. Fuzzier than it ought to be - after the Mets and Giants back to back, my brain went poof. This could very well be SB 23, here.
23. 49ers win, Jerry Rice is MVP, and I'm fuzzy on the rest. (Yeah, pretty sure they went back-to-back.)
24. 49ers 20, Bengals 16. Joe Montana spots John Candy at one end of the field, and spots John Taylor at the other for the winning points. Your MVP, ladies and gentlemen.
25. Giants 20, Bills 19. Wide Right Bowl. Ottis Anderson is MVP, but it could just as easily have been Thurman Thomas, who was terrific.
26. Redskins 37, Bills 24; Mark Rypien. I covered this a few posts down. No, I didn't cheat, then or now.
27. Cowboys 52, Bills 17. Troy Aikman was MVP. Don Beebe caught a touchdown on an illegal forward pass, and caught Leon Lett napping.
28. Cowboys 30, Bills 13. Emmitt Smith was MVP (I guess). I think Buffalo actually led this at the half - the real reason that Jerry Jones fired Jimmy Johnson.
29. 49ers 55, Chargers 26. Steve Young threw for six touchdowns. But - did you know that this was the first Super Bowl with a 2-point conversion attempt?
30. Cowboys 27, Steelers 17. The first three-time matchup of teams turned on horrible Neil O'Donnell throws. Larry Brown of Dallas was the beneficiary - 3 picks and the MVP.
31. Packers 35, Pats 21. Desmond Howard returns a kickoff for the clinching score and the MVP. Reggie White (RIP) has three sacks.
32. Broncos 35, Packers 28. John Elway is MVP. The infamous gimme winning TD and Elway's helicopter act.
33. Broncos 31, Falcons 16. Terrell Davis takes MVP honors.
34. Rams 24, Titans 17. One Yard Short. Kurt Warner is MVP.
35. Ravens 34, Giants 7. Ray Lewis was MVP. I honestly had this blacked out of my mind, it was that dark a memory - I had the last four SBs moved up a year as if this game had never happened. What finally sparked me was trying to figure out who the Broncos could have lost to in '97.
36. Pats 20, Rams 17, on Viniateri's stone-cold figgie. Tom Brady is MVP.
37. Buccaneers 48, Raiders 23. I remember this best for Bill Callahan's choice to go for 2 at the end of the 3d quarter, when a simple single would have won me $100 in one of those box pool deals. What's his face, Dexter McCutcheon, was MVP, and promptly joined Larry Brown on the back of a milk carton.
38. Pats 32, Panthers 29; Brady, again. A classic game.

Only fair that I lay myself out for #39, too - Pats 31, Eagles 20. Tough to call the MVP, but I'd give my top three guesses as Corey Dillon, Ted Bruschi, and (again) Brady. I'm not convinced the Eagles can control the line well enough to stop Corey from rolling up 125 yards or so.

How did I do?

#21-25: Not as well as I'd like - Rice was MVP of SB 23, but that WAS the 20-16 Cincy game. I didn't remember 24 because it was another Denver bloodbath (55-10, which means I probably screwed up the score of the Steve Young SB.) A perfect 10 for each of the Giants SBs (of course), and five on the Washington game (they only had 42, and I didn't name an MVP). Total of 7 on the swapped games - the winners (2), one MVP (2 - I was right both times, but only by accident), half-credit for the exact score (3). 32 out of 50 overall.
#26-30: a near-duplication of my run from 1-5. I only missed (as I feared) on the score of #29: SF 49, SD 26. Score is 47 of 50.
#31-35: Missed half the score of the GB/NE game, and the whole score of both Denver games. Also swapped MVPs for them, and thus get NO credit. (I had it right, then talked myself out of it. No points for being wimpy.) The Rams/Titans was 23-16 (oh, man). But I swept the slate on 35; now I can go back into denial about it until the next quiz. (Kerry #$%&! Collins.) 28 of 50.
#36-38: Perfectos on 36 and 38. Oddly, I gave Oakland too many points (it was 48-21), and the MVP was actually named Dexter Jackson. Sort of proves my point about the milk carton, though. Total of 25 out of 30.

This half's score is 132 of 180, which is a bit better than the 130 of 200 from last time (as you'd expect). SG's score this way is a lot lower because he is a lot worse on the actual scores - only 88. Going by his method we again tied on winners (a perfect 18), and I skunked him on scores (9-3, and I didn't give myself the credit for the right score of the wrong game). MVPs were 14-10 in my favor (again, no credit for Dexter Whodat), reversing that score from the first half of his quiz. All told, 262 out of 380, which is 68.9% - do we grade on the curve?

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