Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sorry fans, you're boned

It's just about official: the NHL is committing hara-kiri. Frickin' coconut-heads.

On the positive side, your Mother Puckers recovered for a tie this past week and are 2-1-1. (Click "Winter '05 Standings" under the Dek Hockey heading.) Be there at 8pm this week for the big showdown vs. the first-place Renegades.

My dilemma? I've been the Renegades' goalie for several seasons before my old team came back. It will be odd to look across the rink at those guys. They're also fully capable of making me look stupider than usual. Tune in later to see if I, too, am boned.

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bobby c said...

The RexPlex website is no more. What has happended to Dek/Street/Ball Hockey in Northern New Jersey ?