Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Fans of the Cup, Unite

Some intrepid Canadians are taking matters into their own hands, suing for the right to compete for the Stanley Cup since the NHL won't have a champion this year. This renews the fight begun by three Albertans; on their website today is news of the University of Alberta winning the Canadian College championship and the Horse Lake Thunder winning the Albertan Provincial League. As a countrywide champion the University has the right to challenge for the Stanley Cup; Horse Lake's defeated opponent, the Innisfail Eagles, have already done so. When the Allan Cup is decided (April 24th at the latest) that will be one more possible challenger. I'd like to see the Frozen Four champion and their magnificent freshman goalie take their shot, along with the AHL champs once they are crowned (though as NHL affiliates, they may be forbidden).

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Alexander said...

It would be a major shame if the Cup wasn't awarded to someone this year. That said, I'd feel terrible for the Lightning if, when they finally get to their next home opener, they're no longer defending champs.

It's good to find another hockey fan blogger (I linked over from Dawn Eden's site). Even better to find a fellow Islander fan.