Friday, April 01, 2005

Pulling it together

UPDATE - The Barking Spider puts hammer to nail:
Can anyone name a Dem politico who would campaign on Terri's "right to die" on '06? My Senator, Bill Nelson, coughed loudly during the voice vote and then jumped into the biggest hole he could find. My congressman and Dem gov candidate in FL, Jim Davis, bleated a little about the sanctity of marriage, voted against the measure and then jumped into the second biggest hole available. With the exception of a few godless Losertarians, most of the LOCAL Tampa Bay media was mildly in favor of not starving the woman to death. It also helps that they think Felos is a fruitcake. Today Felos denied that Terri starved to death. (What, she get hit by a bus?)

Death with dignity? Watch the oldtimer in the Vatican show us all how it's done.
On with the truth, up with the volume.

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