Thursday, March 23, 2006

I did not have relations with that steroid, Stanozolol

According to ESPN, Barry Bonds' lawyers have announced that he plans to sue the authors of "Game of Shadows" for their extensive documenting of Bonds' relationship with steroids.

Note that they aren't suing for libel. The suit "will ask a federal judge to initiate contempt proceedings 'for the use of illegally-obtained' grand jury transcripts the authors used in writing the book." And PS, we also want "a temporary restraining order forfeiting all profits from publication and distribution."

Oh, please, oh pretty please, go right ahead...

Apparently Barry's ego is so large even his oversized skull cannot contain it. It's unbelievable that he'd want an open airing of this evidence in court, before media hordes. Either he's managed to convince himself that he's innocent or he's taken so many steroids he thinks he's now bulletproof. This is like a circus with better pitching - you've got clowns, a freakshow, a ringmaster, concessions of dubious quality, and now the announcement of a high-wire act. Step right up to that plate, young man - let's see if you can ring the bell!

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