Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Heroes water cooler

double UPDATE and re-BUMP - in honor of the writer's strike, I'm just letting this thread stay open for the discussion of the new episode. I will also add that if there's a huge cliffhanger, I'm going to worry that the resumption of the season is going to A) feel anticlimactic because B) it will drag along the way the first five or so episodes did here. Keep up the narrative drive!

UPDATE and BUMP - ok, it was catch-up day!

A few things I'm thinking about now that I've seen the episodes -

1. I think that the strike may well have helped the show. Instead of meandering through time, meandering through subplots, meandering through the useless Mascara Twin nonsense... we're picking up the pace.
2. The flip side to this is that some of the looming threats are being dusted off very quickly. Matt v. his dad had a nice payoff, but man was that sudden. The "catchup" episode was similar: plausible, as the way Peter remembers everything, but abrupt.
3. I think that I must revise my original theory about Sylar. [spoiler vision] It's probably not the virus - it's the drugs, the same ones Peter was on. And he's been off of them for about three or four days... which means BRAIIIIIINS. [/spoiler vision]
4. Emo-hinder is just working my last nerve. Totally. Completely. Didn't he meet that kid in India who enters people's dreams and helps them? So when Molly's trapped by the Nightmare Man, he runs to the Company like a total doofus. And from that point out he's been less than useless. To borrow a Sports Guy analogy, he is now taking things off the table.
5. Should have seen the Adam thing coming. [I wonder if he's still carrying paper over the whole Princess thing. I mean, 400 years is a long time to keep a grudge.]
6. The Reset Button remains one of the more distressing trends in this season, and its effect on Niki has now led to BIG TROUBLE. Color me annoyed.

Lots more, but let's hear what you have to say...

11/13 - Folks, I plead real life in the first degree. My dear heart and I have been out of the state two weekends in a row, following long rambling stretches of sinus malfunction and heavy work-related workloads. October has been rude to us, friends.

In short, that means that Monday has been catch-up day in the homestead. I can pour you guys the water, but I can't really talk about the episode, having seen none of it since the clocks rolled back. (On second thought, I also blame daylight savings time, which is the cause of at least 26% more evil than the next leading brand.) It's just as well. Based on the conversation so far, I fear a few of my pet theories have taken some fierce beatings. But please, feel free! I post spoiler warnings for others, but weirdly, I don't necessarily find that it ruins my enjoyment of actually seeing the episodes later - unless they're lame.

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