Thursday, November 15, 2007

Homeless advocates would have more success..

...if they quit lying.

Michael Gallant, director of operations for StandUp for Kids Florida, said he has been working with Zach and his family trying to make sure that they have a place to stay each night.

He said November is National Youth Homeless Awareness Month, which was just recently created by Congress.

This walk is not only designed to raise awareness but also to raise money for the cause. Donations are being accepted.

"The reason why Zach is so important is because of his age, which is actually the exact age of the average homeless person in America," Gallant said. "He is the face of homelessness."

Zach is walking to Tallahassee to "raise awareness" of the homeless. He is 9 years old. Does anyone reading this believe that the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old?

This reminds me of the whoppers that the "Reverend" Bruce Wright told last winter during the tent city season in St Pete, the best one being that the homeless don't use drugs and those that do only use drugs to stay awake during job interviews.

Tent city was shut down when Pinellas County provided an abandoned bus station as shelter and Revvum Wright rejected it. He made it clear that he wanted tent city to stay up regardless of what housing was available. He lost the PR battle.

Guys, I live in the hood. I see the homeless. The local media reporting on this issue contradicts what I see with my own eyes. I have seen guys sleeping 100 yards from the Savation Army Men's Shelter - they will not seek shelter if it means giving up their jones. The media will crawl over drunks, druggies and crack whores to find a white (yes, white) family that they hope is drug-free.

Nothing POs me more than having my compassion exploited. Especially with the Mediunhueren who report the most outrages claims without the least bit of skepticism.

Damn right the Sisko is angry!

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