Monday, November 26, 2007

That's a $2 Drunk...

update and bump from the 'fly - via A Big Victory, a kind of 'cheap buzz' that, quite frankly, is NOT for the squeamish. This stuff makes Purple Jesus look like Dom Perignon. Behold the horror - and be warned, not safe for work, school, church socials, or internal use.

PS - I probably should have bumped this post, as it has the conversation that I was thinking of when I saw the Drink that Defied All Sanity. Sorry guys.

(11/12/07) American money.

Supermarkets are selling beer at a cheaper price than water, fuelling concern over their role in Britain's binge-drinking crisis.

Despite repeated public health warnings, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda now offer lager at just 22p a can - less per litre than their ownbrand-mineral water and cola, and cheap enough to allow someone to get drunk for just £1.

An investigation by The Mail on Sunday has uncovered a fierce alcohol price war between the major supermarkets.

Lager is now so cheap that the stores pay more in excise duties than they charge at the till.

Those Brits sure love a cheap drunk.

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