Saturday, February 23, 2008

God 1, NFL 0

Update on this post:
The NFL, which found itself on the receiving end of protests and controversy after it objected to churches showing the Super Bowl on big-screen televisions, has reversed course and will now permit the viewings.
In a letter to Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah), NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league would not object to "live showings -- regardless of screen size -- of the Super Bowl" by religious organizations.

In response to questions from Hatch, Goodell said in the letter, dated Feb. 19, the NFL will implement the policy starting with next year's Super Bowl.
The rest of this article is here.
To be fair to the NFL, they were not targeting churches, it's just that the church parties fell under their general rule. In general this is not a bad rule. On Super Bowl Sunday in Tampa your neighbor can set up his plasma in his backyard along with the keg and the grill. Do you want to have 300 drunks next door? Especially when you didn't get an invite?
I can understand the concerns of my libertarian friends about Senators Hatch and "Snarlin'" Arlen Spector's involvement. Guys, it was just a letter and a question - a light touch to fix a small desparity.
Update:I need fully wake up before I post. My libertarian friends may have a stronger argument. Congress was threatening a legislative fix. In a sense, Senator Hatch's letter may have started with, "Commissioner Goodell, if you like kneecaps the way they are..."
Why is this guy posting on a Saturday? Doesn't he have a life?

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