Monday, February 04, 2008

Hey eighteen

Hard to believe it was enough points, but it was
Coming into the game, everyone I know was suddenly a Giants fan - everyone down in the Spider's neighborhood, the folks in my apartment watching the game (on a not six-foot screen)... We had Steeler, Redskin, Cowboy, and Eagle fans all pulling for Big Blue. And when Eli Manning hit Plaxico Burress, he made nearly as many believers as Billy Graham.

All fine and good. It was a terrific finish to a decent game. I have but one concern: all season long we've had to hear about Belicheat, videotape, "caught spying," etc. etc. ad nauseum. And the whole world wanted "good" to prevail over "evil." Now that it has, do you expect good's fans to have any dignity about it whatsoever? The one downside to seeing the Giants nail the huge upset is the whole tired '72 Dolphin champagne bit, and the "Boston Sux" bit, and TMQ, and generally dealing with Noo Yawkuhs crowing about it for frickin' EVER. And they will. This town eats its own alive. They tell me my hockey team sucks, even though theirs only wins one Stanley Cup every 67 years or so. They boast on the Yankees, but despise their best player. I know one Jets fan in my office who will act as if he hit Burress in the end zone - and when was the last great Jets moment in football history? Not screwing up in the draft last year? Having neat retro uniforms?

If the Knicks were even close to .500, you'd hear from their fans too. Thank you, Isiah Thomas.

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