Thursday, March 13, 2008

AI - 12 to 11, ooops edition

That there real life done a number on the 'fly this week. Haven't had any time to sit and actually watch the DVR to see what happened. I saw two and a half performances live on Tuesday, during breaks in referreeing.

Chikeize - sang "She's a Woman." Good choice. I loved the banjo/fiddle intro, and then the whole band kicking in. It was going wonderfully until he mistook Roger Daltrey for a Beatle and began stutter-singing, and doing this very strange spazz-dance across stage. (Maybe Biker Nurse hit him with an Imperious Curse or something.) Still, he pulled it out before it went off the rails. Very good.

Remiele - butchered "In My Life." It sounded almost like she started in the wrong key, and even when she got the notes on track, the whole thing was deadly dull. I know it's a somber song, but that was a mournful dirge.

Brooke - I heard a few measures of "Let it Be," which now that I think of it, is really an excellent choice for her. But I didn't get to stick around for the conclusion, nor do I know who got the heave-ho from the voters. (I don't mind the spoiler if you want to tell me.) All I can do is guess at the rest, based on what I would have loved to hear:

Mike Johns - I'm thinking "Strawberry Fields Forever" for him, but really, it couldn't go wrong. He could probably do the gag tune "You Know My Name, Look Up the Number" and it would rock.

David Cook - likewise. He can handle harder or slower stuff, so I can see him doing almost anything. HE could have nailed "In My Life." Oh well, let's say "Norwegian Wood" or "Back in the USSR." (He could really give us a great lefty-guitar riff with McCartney head kick.)

David Hernandez - his best of the show so far has probably been "Papa Was a Rolling Stone," so I think that he should try something like... well... "Something." Slower pace, where he can sound soulful. I fear that he may have instead gone for something like "Drive My Car," which would not have worked. OR - holy smokes, do you think he happy-faced "Eleanor Rigby?" Tell me no, friends.

(Oh crap.)

Jason Castro - he'd sound lovely doing "Yesterday" or "When I'm 64."

David Archuleta - considering that he's trying to sound 37 all the time, I am deathly afraid that HE did "Yesterday," which would sound great and depress everyone. Hopefully he took last week's advice and did something teenagery like "I Saw Her Standing There."


Carly - someting to show off the pipes. There's no shortage of power songs. I'm drawing a blank right now.... pressure's on.... ""

(Oh crap.)

Kristy - for some reason, I'm thinking of "Good Day Sunshine" for her. I love that song, and she'd do well.

Amanda - Lessee... Biker Nurse could maul "Birthday" or "Helter Skelter" or "Twist and Shout" or any of the other shouters in the catalogue. I don't even know if I should bother picking her something better. Naw, I should. "Day Tripper" or "Lady Madonna." (She can't sound worse than Ringo, right?)

Syesha - although Simon doesn't like it when they sing songs meant for the other gender, I don't care, so I'm assigning "Ticket to Ride." She'd rock that out as a wronged woman song.

Carly (redux) - of course! "Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight." Oh, PLEASE.

My song - I'd go for "Things We Said Today" if Castro hasn't trumped me on it. If so, then maybe "Old Brown Shoe" - again, Harrison, but tough, it's my fantasy contestant dream.

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