Monday, March 03, 2008

Bonds & Clemens could not work for our company

We are in the process of hiring an HVAC Tech. The background check was okay and we gave him the slip to go tinkle in the cup. All candidates must tinkle in the cup for insurance reasons - the guy will be driving our vehicles and working on residential HVAC.

I get a call from the clinic this AM. It appears that our guy's sample was not warm enough to come from him, and the clinic asked permission to watch him fill another cup. I said that was fine.

A minute later I get a call from our guy telling me that he had some responsibilities to take care of, and he would tinkle in the afternoon. A minute later the clinic called up to tell me he left.

Maybe the guy went home to get the

I'm told that the sticky-icky is not addictive, but some guys would rather smoke dope that work for us.

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