Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jon Gruden

Just another Saturday in a park in Tampa. Some youngsters are playing flag football and we got our picture taken with one of the coaches.

Yes, that is former Buc coach Jon Gruden in the center of the photo. Last fall it would have cost you $75 to see him coach football, today you can see him coach 12-year-olds for free. And he had that offense cooking. If the Bucs had scored as much as these kids did, Coach Gruden would still be working on Sundays.

Coincidentally, half our church music team is in this picture. Let's make introductions: The laundry bag with legs and the straw hat is me, male melody. The young lady next to me is Sandra, female alto harmony. BTW, Sandra is a real singer; I just pretend to be Steve Walsh. Then Coach Gruden and Tim, the guitar player who was in his own room with headphones.

The youngster in the black shirt is Christian, who played on the opposing team. Christian's mother is taking this photo. I'm sure as soon as Christian's mom sees this she will email me the name of the youngster in the green shirt.

BTW, it was May 2nd and hotter than Gehenna out there.

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