Friday, June 19, 2009

This doesn't surprise me

Pastor Steve H called me up to express shock over this.

Should this his surprise you? Barb and these other senators could be making 3-5 times their salary in the private sector without having to leave their home town.

Why do they give up this payday to fly across the country? Why is Larry Craig forced to look for love in the men's room of the Minneapolis Airport while flying between DC and Idaho when he could make more money and never have to go farther than Brokeback Mountain in nearby Wyoming?

Chuckie Schumer could be making millions as a corporate lawyer in NYC instead of toiling for less than $200K per year in DC.

All of the above, if the chose the private sector, would be living in anonimity. No Wikipedia pages, no "The Honorable Senator Foghorn Leghorn", no press conferences, no fawning media.

Strom Thurmond didn't leave until he was 100 years old. Robert Byrd is 90 and in a wheelchair and won't give it up. Ted Stevens has been in DC longer than I have been alive and it took an indictment to get him to go.

They are addicted to the power.

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