Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two days @ the VA hospital

I was in the renal clinic of the VA hospital Monday morning. The kidneys are improving, which means I won't be hitting any of you up for one in the near future. Of course, the doc said I was fat (as if it took a medical degree to figure that out) and I need to deal with that. And I think I am working on it. The pants I am wearing now have a waistline I haven't seen in ten years. (Sorry guys, I'm not giving up the waistline inches.)

I had an appointment later that morning to have the stitches taken out of my foot, but I got a call from my boss. He was installing a central air system, and the building inspector for Temple Terrace was not satisfied with our permit paperwork and I had to deliver the proper documents by 2pm or the full weight of the Reich would be brought down on my employer. So, I rescheduled the foot doctor for Tuesday and rushed to work to obey the orders of my government masters.

But here is the biggest accomplishment. The clinic I go to has two waiting areas. In the past, both TVs had CNN. About a month ago I called the Patient Advocate to lobby about getting one of those TVs switched to FNC. Compared to the real needs of patients this was a petty request. But if I was going to watch a news network that pandered I may as well watch one that pandered to me. Monday morning one of the TVs was on FOX. I was victorious!

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