Monday, September 07, 2009

The Rays

Update: Carlos Pena hit by pitch vs NYY today, out for the season. Garza goes toe-to-toe with Sabathia, Garza leaves the game tied 1-all, Rays bullpen gives it up easier than Paris Hilton AGAIN and Rays lose 4-1.

The Rays are fading late in the season. They are 7 games behind the Bosox in the AL Wild card race. Unless the Sox and the Rangers get the swine flu the Rays will be home for the playoffs.

Carlos Pena has 39 homers and 41 singles as of Monday morning. The only two players to hit over 30 homers with more homers than singles in a season are Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire.

Anything else these two have in common?

Pena was non-roster invitee to the Rays camp in 2007. He has hit 116 homers in a little less than 3 seasons. In the six seasons before that he hit 86 homers. To be fair, some potential singles have been taken away by the three infielders most teams put on the right side for Pena.

Pena is also from the Dominican, where A-Rod got his stuff.

Nowadays you just don't know.

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