Saturday, September 05, 2009

More Beer and Politicians

Philadelphia Liquors is on Philadelphia Ave, the main drag in Egg Harbor City. Back when Carter was president I had once purchased adult beverages from there. But I never stole any.

Charges were dropped Wednesday against Galloway Township Councilman Bill Ackerman for supposedly stealing a large number beer cans from a local liquor store through two or three daily trips during a five-month period.


On each trip, he would pay for a can or two and, surveillance cameras later revealed, pocket at least one more before driving about 2 miles home to his house. That sometimes happened two or three times in a day, she said.

This guy is a Republican, but he didn't blame Dems for his troubles. It sounds like he is trying to own it.

Budweiser is $2.39 a can in NJ? In my hood in Tampa you can get a quart of Old English 800 (It's got your number!) for $1.39. No wonder all the street winos are down here.

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