Friday, September 18, 2009

A Brief Confession

The Sisko has been angry recently. Maybe I need to quit listening to the voices calling me a teabagger, extremist, racist. Even Jew-hatin' Jimmah Carter passed judgement on me and millions that he has never met.

Here is where the long-term damage will come from. I always vote for some Democrats in county and city elections. It seems that the further away from Washington the more sane they are. My county commissioner was a minister and a God-fearing man. The Public Defender does a good job.

(How do you campaign for this? "I got more criminals off than my predecessor?" She ran on cutting waste in her budget and has done that.)

I voted for the old sheriff (a Dem) till he retired and endorsed the Republican, who also got my vote.

That is until today. These folks better thank Jesus that the local elections aren't tomorrow because right now I wouldn't pee on a Democrat politician if one were on fire.

I need to open my Bible and talk to Jesus and let Him talk to me.

Because the Sisko is very angry.

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