Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Crazy Nancy talks with the Bishop

With apologies to William Butler Yeats.

San Fran Nan’s bishop
wants to have a word with her in regards to her part-time job as a Catholic theologian. I get the impression that after every bishop in the country jumped ugly on Pelosi, her bishop appears to have been shamed into taking action.

As an non-Catholic (Evangelical Protestant am I) I have no dog in this fight, but I have to wonder: What took these bishops so long? San Fran Nan, Rosary Joe Biden, Mario “the Pious” Cuomo, Uncle Teddy - not to forget Catholic GOPers like Tom Ridge, Rudy G and Aaaaahnold have been publicly in opposition to Church teachings about the sanctity of life since God was in boot camp.

What took them so long? I must plead ignorance as a non-Catholic, but if any of the above were members of my church my pastor would be all over them like Bill Clinton on a intern.

I know it’s tough for Catholics. The Church has a long tradition of social justice and peace which favors Dems, and among you, me and the blogosphere, if the Democrat Party went pro-life there wouldn’t be another Republican president in my lifetime. Heck, if the Dems ran a pro-life, secure borders guy against Crist in 2010 I might vote for him.

Forgive me for commenting on a fight that is not mine. The problem with evangelicals is that many of us are non-denominational. There is no evangelical Bishop or Pope. If Nancy Pelosi were in my church my pastor would have had a conversation with her years ago. But if she rejected my pastor’s correction, she could just leave and
emerge in another church.

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