Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Carnival of NJ Bloggers, 18 1/2

If you've seen the comments from the weekend, you know that this past Carnival turned out to be my own little Titus Andronicus - well-meant, but unsatisfying, and everyone dies. In short, I am a varlet. Three people got omitted and a fourth's link was busted. (That's just who I know of - everyone else, please be merciful and let me die of the embarrassment I already have.)

Two of these are already fixed below. Under the "Too Little, Too Late," department, here are the other two.

Single-Issue Groups Rule!, by Jorgey at Media in Trouble
Unrelated, Yet Equally-Fascinating, at Cripes, Suzette!

These happened to be among the final posts I was working on. That was about 11 pm Saturday - and that's when Blogger's servers boned me. The whole shebang went dark. That meant the entire Carnival, including the parts not quite done, was now stuck on the Diptera with no way to upload them. I confess that at that moment, the missing posts took a back seat, since it's small comfort to be remembered in a Carnival that doesn't go off. One hour to showtime and the big top was on fire.

Even after Blogger started letting me back in, I had problems with the uploads. The first ones didn't work. (I nearly lost all of scene Two at that point.) The later ones went text only, which meant over an hour of reformatting every return, bold, italic, and link by hand. At the end of it all it was 2 am, and only after finally "finishing" did I read it over and say, "Damn, I left stuff out."

That's where I turned into a dithering idiot, folks. I left it that way and went to bed, and by the time I woke up it was, as the referees say when they've hosed your team, an uncorrectable error. I fixed the cracked link and put in the accidentally-dropped lines. I apologized as well as I could to the third poster (but not well enough - such is life). Then the fourth emailed me. "What the [smiley face]!??!" Yup, I deserved it.

Well, it's there. And it's only fair to note the sport made of me as a result. (I actually think the comic is kinda funny.) I meant no malice. This was a couldn't, not a wouldn't. But it's as the lady said - "Once I decide that you have acted against me, you are dead to me forever."

Excuse me while I go fall on a prop sword.

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