Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Carnival of NJ Bloggers XVII

When you turn on your PC,
Are you gonna grouse?
Hold your hands above your head,
Or on your keyboard and your mouse?
Annoy us or amuse us
But you'll have to click on through -
Ohhhh, the blogs of Jersey...

Step right up, it's time to cruise the Pixel Barrens of our fine state - welcome to the Carnival of NJ Blogs! *

Along comes Dossy! And does he want to quit the cigs
And flip his lid and chew his fingers to the nibs?
Or will he read the news and catch a view
arsonists on coke, who nick knickers from the blue?

Elizabeth gets away from This Full House for an in-state vacation
And she asks herself, well, “
How did I get here?”

Slippin' into stockings, stepping into shoes...
Shamrocketship says that
it beats the alternative, but it also means wrangling with car salesmen.

I wish I was in the Monroe Center
Eying sketches and listening to records
The show’s cancelled as of Friday –
Ask the artist,
why did she say?
Where's the Remote on a wavelength all his own.

John is he, and Tara’s she, Calvino’s three
And we are all together
Gotta paint the flat, care for the cat, her wrist is cracked
She’s crying

Tami, the One True thinks they're still crazy down in New Orleans; but she also guest-blogs about Perth Amboy, coming up big in a big situation.

Rob won't get fooled again by the FEMA.

Jersey Goddess says that the displaced from Katrina are NOT refugees.

Regardless of terminology, they need our help, and Ken has the details for one of the many ways we can work it out. Dojo Mojo's rising with further details for folks in Jersey City, while two of NJ Conservative's neighbors stand in the place where they live.

Fausta keeps on this meme with an exhaustive relief roundup – and Tami, guest-posting, finds one she missed.

Money? Get back –
Jersey’s all right,
get your hands off of their stack
Light rails, biking trails, 4-star parking
Think we may build a few less things…

Corzine's calling to the faraway towns;
Forrester's in and the debates will go down
posting on the scheduling strife
Live from the Center of New Jersey Life

Mr. Snitch helps launch a new site sadly apt to the date of our Carnival. Mr. Bingley forwards a memorial to a family of friends that were caught in the Towers that day. Eternal rest grant unto them, o Lord... **

Down at the Jersey Shore
It’s getting
hard to see the ocean
Along the oceanfront,
Now it’s all covered in condos
There’s traffic everywhere
Cars and stores and luxury hi-rise
Bob of the RixMix says,
I can’t get used to this lifestyle.”

Rest Stop, Parkway,
I hear Jim say
Where's my dictionary?

Sluggo lives in the fish-eye lens,
Caught in the camera eye.
What was it about those old-time photos that has him musing?

Dojo Mojo returns along that line - she's so in love with that Jersey City... Dmitri decides to let his camera do the singing.

The Feds have highway funds
won’t give to Jersey,
they change their minds
We get it but not for free
It’s hateful, but it’s paid for
We’re so grateful to Bob from eCache for the scoop.

Gotta have a job for this, a job for that,
But the Hoboken School Board isn’t where it’s at
While they spread the checks around
The XPat Texan has
the dirty lowdown.

Ms. Maureen Berzok, could you read my book?
It took me years to write,
will you take a look?

Ev'rybody was kung-fu fighting...
Is it Opinion Mill's
twisted speech to the young believers?
Is NJ Conservative
working for the clampdown?
Meanwhile, Enlighten has the numbers in. No one ever is to blame?

Bloggers may be rude and reckless
But the Yemeni crew is feckless
journalists under duress -
Jane can’t fail – she’s been after the story for some time, so scroll through the archives.

Janet will get by, though she feels like a stranger in a strange land.

Visit the Kate Spot for a cautionary tale:
When you're in love with a Jersey Girl,
It ain't no luck -
you learn to duck.

In Clifton, it's a grand old flap over the grand old flag. David's on the case.

Down by the seaside, where the bennies are staying,
The bloggers at ShoreBubble ask
what the little bennie's paying.

* "Carnival" by the Pillows.
** A clip from "Son and Sylvia" by Eric Clapton, respectfully submitted.
Audio clips hosted by Castpost.

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