Sunday, September 18, 2005

Scene Three

[Scene 3. Enter Dynamo and eCache.]

Dynamo: Hearest thou the news last week, Cache?

eCache: I heard little else.

Dynamo: They shall debate; Forrester, Corzine, and two others.

eCache: Shall it be the five, or only four?

Some say five, but recently I see
New report that four shall be contested,
Though all four men may not contest each time.

If so, dost think that ethics shall be raised?
This bodes ill for Corzine, ‘twere it known.

[Enter other bloggers from the concert.]

Nightfly: What cheer, friends?

Dynamo: The Carnival is here?

Enlighten: We had mind to travel. So, what news?

eCache: We spoke of the debates for Governor.

Ah, the statehouse. I fear Forrester
Shalt lose; and Corzine cannot cure
Ethics problems in the several towns,
Having them himself. Within the schools
Administrator’s salaries are flush
While education wanes.

Tammany: Speak thou of Epps?

The very man. But what is this? XPat?
Did you not stay behind? Hast caught us up?

Even so, but under separate guise;
And under separate blogs doth post my thoughts -
The one for local matters, such as this.
I’d rather Mr. Epps donate some pay
To those in blind Katrina’s murd’rous wake.

Mr. Snitch:
I never cease to wonder at the blogs.
The local papers, senseless, stand aside
From blogs – from local writers, in the streets
And towns, who watchful-waking make their blogs
A home for local news. A sterling source
Of readers, talent, time, goes thus unused.

The night draws on, and morning opens fast
Upon the starry backdrop. Even I,
Who never was an early-rising fly,
Must soon away. Yet we have not heard all.

Some bloggers haven’t made the time to call;
Others, writing late, must wait a week.

Loathe am I to miss their chance to speak.
If any have not made the Carnival,
A link├ęd message to this post withal
Shall serve. What sight is this? A city road
Bright orange?

Therein lies a curious tale.
Forsooth, I rather wished to paint my home;
But, hasty-late, and with my injured arm,
One can dislodged and tumbled to the ground.
We hoped to clean the spill with litter mix,
And made it worse.

Mr. Snitch: One hardly notices.

Tata: Go to! ‘Tis a sticky orange mess!

[Enter Pink Panther.]

Is this our erstwhile hostess? Welcome back!
We had not hoped to see you for the week,
But, returning unlooked-for, do tell
Of your adventures. What's the news?

work and classes crowding close upon,
I feared to find the time to post these links.
But lo! I come with some exciting news!

Nightfly: Hast saved on car insurance?

Pink: I'm in love!

Enlighten: But soft! Look at the time!

Mr. Snitch: It's getting late!

Nightfly: I've got to wash my car.

Pink: At 2 A.M.?

Nightfly: Well - aye, marry! 'Tis most untidy brown.

Pink: Men!


[Next week, Joe's Journal hosts (we all hope!) Sorry this is late, but Blogger really bit the wax tadpole tonight - pages wouldn't load, and since half of us are hosted on Blogger, this meant not being able to link, upload, read, or much of anything. Thanks for your patience!]

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