Friday, November 04, 2005

Just what I like to see with five bucks on the line

So, glancing around me here on the web, I find that Sports Illustrated's web site has a little blurb about the ten most disappointing players in the NFL this season. Naturally, Jamal Lewis is the man they use in the link picture. And why do I mention this? Because, in a fit of lunacy, I told Big Al that I was taking the Ravens as a home underdog in the pool this week.

Then I actually click onto the feature and see that the list of ten actually has eleven items. I hate when they weasel out and use a tie at the bottom. Maybe to cheer myself up I'll look at the list of ten surprising players first.

Oh, that's even better - Surprise #11 is an advertisement for Chicago White Sox memorabilia.

A crummy commercial?... sonofa...

And tomorrow - football picks, but done in an entertaining fashion for my non-sporting readers.

update, 5:08 pm - you know how Sports Guy likes to talk about the Aaron Brooks face? Click the pic for the full effect.

Wait, maybe I should run backwards fifteen yards first! Heheheheheh.

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