Monday, November 07, 2005

Son of Sundries

1. Yawning along. I will get into my own bonnet on occasion regarding a political matter, but not because I am primarily a political bug. The philosophy of the Constitution fascinates me, but not the daily machinations of bureaucracy. That's why this whole Corzine/Forrester thing is one big shrug in my little world. I don't think Corzine is particularly bad for the state - he's been doing absolutely nothing in the US Senate that I can see aside from voting predictably. His ex doesn't like him. Zounds!

Forrester is less bad, perhaps, because he seems to have a plan, even if that plan won't prove as successful as he hopes. The problem is that, even should he win, the Assembly will block large parts of Forrester's agenda, and then blame him for breaking his campaign promises. They will then regain the Statehouse. If Corzine's lead holds and he wins tomorrow, he won't have that worry, and we'll have four years of a man whose chief ambition seems to be to hold office - not to do anything particular while he's there.

Oddly, that might be the best hope for New Jersey. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions; the only reason the road to bureaucracy isn't similarly paved is that the Committee for Good Intentions can't get the proper paving clearance from the Department of Roads, Streets, Avenues, and assorted Boulevards; besides, there's no quorum on actually choosing which Intentions are Good. And for a bureaucracy, that's a solid month's work. Bigger pensions all around!

2. Well, I didn't see that coming: Terrell Owens,
suspended indefinitely.

So, causing an on-field brawl by spiking the Dallas Stadium logo, outing his former quarterback (erroneously, as it turns out), completely undermining his head coach, and whining his way off of one team and off of the team they traded him to - those weren't accidents? I mean, he turned over a new leaf after that Desperate Housewives thing on Monday Night Football, right? (OK, it was Ryan Leaf, but really...)

Kids, of course we all knew this was going to happen. In fact, the only surprise is that this didn't happen last season. But more to the point, the Eagles knew even while making the deal. That's why, after the hugely predictable contract squabbles this preseason, they didn't cave to TO. My theory is that Philly figured that a healthy Owens could put them over the top and get them the Super Bowl - a theory that nearly paid off. Anything after that was gravy.

This year, Philly may miss the playoffs - but then TO goes away, probably via trade to the next desperate head coach, freeing up an extra $7 million and bringing back assets in return. Philly can use the higher draft pick to good effect as well. 2006 rolls around and lo, a healthy Donovan McNabb leads a rejuvenated squad that is more talented than its current record. Don't cry for Andy Reid - TO didn't play Andy, Andy played TO. And now TO is on that long lonely train out of town.

3. Quo vadis? The Wunder is tired. I know what he means. This is hard to do consistently - even harder to do consistently well. There's always a tug to just chuck it all in favor of a new hobby. (It happens all over.)

I think that WK does do this consistently well, and is pulling the numbers to prove it. That doesn't mean that it doesn't get hard, from time to time, to sit at the computer and put out some content. If anything it gets harder - there's pressure to be at your best, and a fun hobby becomes a chore. Here's to hoping that you reconnect with your Muse, Wunder.

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