Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I found Jesus 23 years before Cameron did

But I didn’t find the whole family:

Archaeologists and biblical scholars have poured scorn on a Hollywood film director's sensational claim that he has discovered the coffin of Jesus Christ.
Oscar-winning 'Titanic' director James Cameron's assertion that the bones of Jesus and his family were hidden for centuries in a Jerusalem tomb caused an outcry in the Holy Land.

I know that Meredith Viera on the Today Show was downright moist over the idea that a pillar of Christianity was brought down. But since Meredith and Matt wouldn’t know the Gospel account if it jumped up and bit them auf Ihrem Po, they would not know the right questions to ask Mr. Cameron.

Let’s set aside the fact that the names are common Jewish names.

Let’s set aside the fact that these bones were discovered 27 years ago and rejected by scholars then.

Let’s also set aside the fact that a poor family from Nazareth wouldn’t be burying people in Jerusalem.

Let’s set aside the fact that DNA from these bones could prove the deceased were related, but unless the Holy Spirit is brought in to give a sample you cannot prove who they were.

Here’s my question. Jesus of Nazareth was a famous person; his burial would not be a secret. When his disciples started going on about Him raising from the dead, why didn’t Pilate or the Sanhedrin dig up His body and parade it through the streets of Jerusalem, thus ending this fairy tail in its infancy?

Corinthians 15:14
and if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is vain, your faith also is vain.

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