Monday, February 19, 2007

The Mighty Wingman Contest - update

Folks, your inventiveness knows no bounds. I got quite a lot of votes, online and off. There is, however, a little bit of a problem. As I compiled, I found that people went out of their way to name people whom they hadn't seen listed yet, and as a result we have something like a 17-way tie. It's fabulous brainstorming and I'm impressed.

Partly to honor all the choices, and partly because I'm having such fun seeing what you came up with, I'm going to take the nominees and list them here (not in any particular order). People in gold already have multiple nominations; people in green are those not nominated at all but on the huge list I had when I made my own top-ten. You can vote for anyone here or you can write someone in. If you want to keep your list from before that's cool too.

  1. Samwise Gamgee - Frodo's faithful servant from Lord of the Rings
  2. Mr. Spock - Kirk's XO on the Enterprise; logician and occasional harpist
  3. Dr. James Watson - Sherlock Holmes' narrator and fellow adventurer
  4. Artemis Gordon from The Wild Wild West
  5. Sara Gaskell, Dean of the university in the film Wonder Boys
  6. KITT - Michael Knight's car from Knight Rider
  7. Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride
  8. Goose - Maverick's copilot in Top Gun
  9. Lt. Morris Schaffer, Clint Eastwood's character in Where Eagles Dare
  10. Eastwood again, this time the aptly-named Pardner in Paint Your Wagon
  11. Ned Logan - Morgan Freeman's character in Unforgiven
  12. Chewbacca - every smuggler needs a first mate, right?
  13. The Sundance Kid (that one was Redford) (AND that's two movies for Bill Goldman)
  14. Mickey Goldmill (everything you want to know about the franchise is at Obsession Central)
  15. Marion Ravenwood, Raiders of the Lost Ark*
  16. Larry/Curly from the Three Stooges
  17. Bert from Mary Poppins OR Sesame Street
  18. Egon and Ray from Ghostbusters
  19. Tyler Durden, Fight Club
  20. Elwood Blues, the Blues Brothers
  21. Harry Dunne of Dumb and Dumber (that's Jeff Daniels)
  22. The .44 Magnum, deadliest handgun ever made, etc. etc.
  23. Dr. Henry Jones Sr., Indiana Jones and the Last Penultimate Crusade**
  24. Minute Mouse (and great theme song, by the way)
  25. Dori of Finding Nemo
  26. Jane Bennett, "Pride and Prejudice"
  27. Agent J, Men in Black - clearly K's protege
  28. Jet Black - master of the Bebop, yet he's Spike's right-hand man, not the reverse
  29. Horatio, "Hamlet"
  30. Susan Ivanova, Babylon Five
  31. Silent Bob
  32. Gromit
  33. Hermoine Granger from the Harry Potter books
  34. Juan Ramirez of Highlander (a double for Connery)
  35. Ed Norton, the Honeymooners - such a good wingman he inspired Barney Rubble
  36. Pikachu (hey, PT has four daughters, cut him some slack)
  37. Mike Wazowski, Monsters Inc. (Pixar comes up with great wingmen)
  38. James Boswell - the biographer of Samuel Johnson
  39. Friday from "Robinson Crusoe"
  40. Michaeleen Flynn, from the Quiet Man
  41. Sgt Bothari: "I am Lady Vorkosigan's dog." (But who's Lady Vorkosigan? Oh.)
  42. Al (Dean Stockwell) from Quantum Leap
  43. Tinkerbell - from a mere spotlight on the stage to a vixenous icon of her own right
  44. Fozzie Bear
  45. Milhouse Van Houten - Bart Simpson's running mate, also cast as Fallout Boy in the Radioactive Man movie on the show (which makes him a double-second-banana!)
  46. Pompey from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (another great theme song)

*You could also go with Sallah, who returned in the third movie
**Wow, this was released in 1989?

You may also notice that I've eliminated some of the field candidates - the crew of the Serenity and "any officer besides Kirk." It's not fair either to give all the points to each candidate or to split them so many ways. Neither do I want to average out five or six spots and then let the next candidate sink all the way to the bottom. It would skew the results unnecessarily.


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