Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Day 1 (Wed Aug 1)

I flew into Newark and took the train to New Brunswick, where I was picked up by the Fly. With less than five days till zero hour the Fly was working overtime, rushing to get a gift for his lovely Ladybug while on the cell with said Ladybug as well as his mother and brother (the best man) who were still in Florida.

I'm not clear on the details, but the hotel accommodations for the Fly's family were unacceptable. Someone from the Ladybug's side of the family was checking this place out and witnessed out in the parking lot the oldest form of commerce.

The Fly knew that it would not be good for his baby sister and his mother and his grandmother to see whorism this upclose and personal. The manager of this establishment was shocked, SHOCKED! to hear that this kind of activity was going on. (I mean, it wasn't Nebraska Ave in Tampa FL.) Thankfully, the Fly was able to get the deposit back and acquire more family-friendly lodging for his kin.

The Fly was a rock as 10 months of stress was starting to take its toll on his soon-to-be bride. As I guy I don't fully understand, but for the bride the wedding is the Super Bowl, the Daytona 500, the World Series and the coronation of a head of state all rolled into one. And that description probably sells it short.

Maybe the wedding plans are God's way of testing the couple. If they can make it to the ceremony without strangling each other, then they can do better at toughing it out as married folks.

But what do I know? Day 2 tomorrow.

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