Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Michael Vick & Chuck Colson...

...have something in common.

While this process has unfolded, Vick has found religion.

"... through this situation I found Jesus," Vick said, "and asked him for forgiveness and turned my life over to God."

Carpenter, a former safety who played with Vick at Virginia Tech and with the Falcons, confirmed he has accepted religion.

"God speaks to us in a lot of different ways," Carpenter said. "Like I told him, this situation is not about dogs with you. It's about cleaning your house up.

"He's had to clean his house up. God is telling [Vick] to get some folk from around you. Clean your mess up and come to him. As we go to God, we have to be broken.

"Michael Vick is broken right now, and he's able to receive the message that God has given him right now."

This may all be Bravo Sierra for the judge, but it would not be the first time that someone, as the country singer George Strait would say, found Jesus on the jailhouse floor. Thirty five years ago, when the Watergate special prosecutor was closing in on him, Nixon's White House counsel Chuck Colson saw himself losing everything. And like some in the press today may think of Vick, there was the opinion that Chuck's new faith was a stunt to try and get a favor from the judge who sent him up the river. For some of us, to get our attention Jesus has to take away everything you have until all that's left is Him.

Don't get me wrong. Vick has pled guilty to some serious crimes and needs to go to the Graybar Hotel. But if Vick has really embraced Christ, then his life, even one in prison, is not ruined. That's why it's called the Good News.

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