Friday, August 10, 2007

Day 3 (Fri Aug 3)

Picked up my tux along with the Fly, the Best Man (Fly's brother), the father of the bride and the other groomsmen. It was black with a silver vest and tie. I do not look hidieous in it.

I saw the church for the first time tonight. It was built in 1972 (That '70's Church) and looks very modern, no banks of candles of statues of the BVM and other saints, no pews but rows of comfy chairs. No hymnals - paper booklets with the music are given to the worshippers as they come in. Also, no confessional booths. The Fly told me that you and the priest just find a quiet corner and have a conversation.

UPDATE (from NF) - I learned later that this was my error, as I've usually had confession in the priest's office (or, yes, in a quiet corner after everyone else had gone). But there IS a traditional confessional booth set up in a room off of the Chapel of Adoration.

The Fly also pulled this Biblethumper's leg a little. He showed me a room, and warning me to brace myself, told me that Catholics study the Bible in this room on Tuesday nights.

We groomsmen practiced escorting the bridesmaids (I think their names were Beautiful, Radiant, Gorgeous, Stunning) down the aisle. There was no music, so it was hard to find a good pace. I starting singing just loud enough for my bridesmaid (was her name Stunning? Or Gorgeous?) to hear the song "Surrey With a Fringe on Top" from Oklahoma. That got the intended laughs.

The rehearsal dinner was at a fine Italian restaurant where the wine and Diet Coke flowed freely. I had a wonderful conversation with the father of the bride (who was celebrating his 40th wedding anniversary to the Ladybug's mom). The bride and groom gave out swag bags to the wedding party. I left full of pasta and Diet Coke.

The wedding is Sunday. For a guy who is not getting married (at least not this weekend) I'm having a blast.

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