Friday, November 21, 2008

The Miracle @ the Meadowlands

Or as the Nightfly would call it, The Fumble. This is an event which the Fly and I have differing emotions, being that we were on different sides of this event. Actually, I don't know how well the Fly remembers this event, since it happened when he was in first grade.

The events of November 19, 1978 changed the history of two NFL franchises and made Herm Edwards and Joe Pizarcik names forevered remembered. It changed forever how teams deal with the end of football games. The reason why teams now take a knee in the "victory formation" is directly related to the events at the Meadowlands that day.

The Iggles went on to the playoffs that year, and a few years later to the 1981 Super Bowl, which was the last football game I bet money on.

The Giants recovered. This event eventually led to the hiring of Bill Parcells and Super Bowl glory.

And hopefully Giants fans such as the Fly also recovered.

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