Monday, November 17, 2008

RU 49, USF 16

Boy was this a fanny-whoopin! And I was there to see it.

When I saw this game on the schedule a month ago, I assumed that Rutgers was going to get clobbered. But as RU was getting better and the Bulls were tanking I thought the Scarlet Knights had a chance at pulling this one out.

Did I think that RU as going to give USFit's worst home loss ever?

The southeast corner of Raymond James Stadium is where all the away team fans sit. It was Christmas a month early for this RU fan. There were a couple thousand of us, a big red wedge in a sea of green and gold. I was doing RU cheers and singing the alma mater for the first time since I was on The Banks of the Old Raritan.

There was suprising little violence in the stands. The USF fans were too humiliated. Gosh it was so much fun!

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