Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sorry For Not Commenting Sooner..

... but I haven't had a whole lot of sleep lately. A few thoughts:

I saw some of these news whores wetting themselves over the prospect that an Obama election has atoned for the sins their ancestors have committed upon the black race, that Revvems Jesse and Al are out of work. If you believe that, then I can get you a good price on The Sunshine Skyway.

Nancy Pelosi is already trying to tamp down expectations. Not that Obama has promised to give sight to the blind and make the lame to walk, but there are those expecting him to put gas in their cars and pay their mortgages. The hard left is going to demand payment, the goal is to pay them off without going so crazy that the GOP has another 1994 in 2010.

The problem is that there is no jefe in the GOP. Is McCain going to lead this party? Heck, he had to pick Palin to get Repiblicans to vote for him. My guess is that after months of having to pretend to be a Republican he will be back to his old maverick ways on the Today Show moaning about how the GOP isn't co-operating with President Obama on immigration reform or cap-and-trade.

Reach across the aisle mein Po. If you are choosing former Clintonista Rahm Emanuel as your chief of staff you have no interest in reaching across the aisle.

Some people have so little principle that they would re-elect a man who called them racist as long as he kept bringing pork in the district.

I agree with the Fly, that I need to be cheerfully defiant. Here is one area where I can be accused of kookery. Some of you reading this may work in your local media, and since I don't know your media I can't comment on it specifically. But most of the national media and the local in my area went beyond bias to downright Obama fanny-kissing. The hands typing this post may never touch the St Pete Times again.

That's all I have for now. Except that I now can listen to country music in peace.

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